Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Britney...you're off the list.

I liked Christina Aguilera’s song “Genie In a Bottle”. A lot. Restrained vocals and a tinkling piano. I liked Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone”. Fun production values. Her smoky voice and the slow-fast-slow structure. Rhianna’s “Umbrella”? Yes please. Ella ella…eh eh eh…so weird and catchy. I loved Mariah Carey’s song “Vision of Love”. A gal singing her ass off. I even liked Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. Don’t look at me like that…her voice curls nicely around the dumb lyrics. Gwen’s “Hella Good”? Hella GREAT. I liked Madonna’s “Hung Up” (the way she said slow-lee and the robotic groove). I loved Madonna’s “Angel” (a much earlier, perfect song before the voice lessons). These are all songs I procured at one time and put in mixes for myself. Not my usual fare, so they were like a salty, crunchy little snack in the middle of a larger meal when they would pop up between sludgier sounds. But then there’s Britney. I don’t seem to have a favorite Britney snack. Hit me baby…nah. Oops, I did it again…no thanks. Not sure why they’ve never made it into a mix. I guess her voice left me cold.


  1. Haven't you ever heard Brit's 'Toxic'?! Now, THAT'S a tasty sip of pop, I tell ya! But I must say that any of Brit's songs that DO appeal to me probably do so more because of the production values than Britney herself. I mean, really, just about ANY pretty young thang could fill her shoes! The rest is all smoke and studio magic!

  2. I love looking at the video for "Toxic," but never wanted to download it just to listen to. Britney was always more fun as a visual treat, I think.

  3. I liked "gimme more" and "boys" but I'm a dance music freak.